October 18, 2010

Question of the Day

I'm still here! Not to worry--if you're prone to that.

I'm working on some menu-planning experiments, and this has been a busy month

I'd like to know something. I'd like to know what your favorite autumn food is. When you think of crisp-weather autumn and then think of eating, what do you begin to crave? Apple pie? Roasted pumpkin seeds? A particular hearty soup?

Leave a comment with your answer to that compelling question.


kristin noel said...

I think of hearty soups. Particularly things with kale, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash.

abigail said...

Yum. :)

Rebecca said...

I agree with the soups comment. Made butternut squash last week and it was a smashing hit.

Off the top of my head at this moment? - Pumpkin pie, apple cider, dark beer, chicken casserolles, & Indian food. I must be hungry.

Anonymous said...

Apple crisp, stew, and deer sauerbraten [:

abigail said...

All those sound so tasty! I made apple crisp (so easy) a few days ago, and it was delicious.
Thanks for the comments!

Anonymous said...

mmm... Yes, pumpkin pie for sure. And apple crisp! Pumpkin bread. Peach cobbler. Apple strudel.
I love fall foods :]


Annie said...

Homemade beef soup with barley and veggies, homemade chili and cornbread, apple cider, apple pie, and this isn't a food, but my mom makes this homemade potpourri that she cooks on a back burner all day. It has cinnamon and orange peal, among other things.


P.S. I made apple pie a week ago and discovered that lard makes AMAZING pie crust.

abigail said...

Thanks for sharing! That potpourri sounds wonderful. And I agree with you on barley in soup. :)
- Abigail

sarah jo said...

Chicken Pot Pie!! I'm sure you can come up with a version much more creative than the typical one I use.... here's hoping ;)

abigail said...

Sarah Jo - Thanks for the vote of confidence. ;) For Chicken Pot Pie (I made it about a week ago) I basically follow an allrecipes.com recipe called "Chicken Pot Pie IX." The sauce is nice and non-runny (if you let the pie cool for a bit before slicing). The flavor is /really/ good. Celery seed is the key, I think. :)