January 22, 2011

Recommending: Fridge-Clearing Lentil Soup

Recently I came across a recipe for "Fridge-Clearing Lentil Soup" on thekitchn.com and tried it...

The soup was delicious, hearty, filling, and inexpensive.
I've found that some lentil soups are just...bland. But this soup was rich with flavor.

The recipe is intentionally flexible so you can use whatever vegetables you have in the fridge. I was able to use up some of the fresh ginger I'd had hanging around for a couple weeks. I also tossed in some steamed french-cut green beans leftover from a previous meal.

My soup was not the color of the soup in the picture with the recipe (the author's addition of kale made for a more green-colored soup).

For the variable ingredients, I used: 
Instead of the optional bacon - 3 oz (one package) chipped beef 
Liquid - 4 cups chicken stock + 4 cups water
Fridge-clearing vegetables -  4 cups broccoli + 1/2 cup carrots + 1/4 cup leftover green beans

It took around 40 minutes to cook the vegetables till they were tender to my taste.

I'd say it made around 12 servings of soup. I froze a third of it for later and used the rest for lunches and a couple dinners.

It was so delicious served with a dollop of plain yogurt.

Sound interesting? Tasty? Check out the recipe here: Fridge-Clearing Lentil Soup at thekitchn