November 16, 2010


I haven't dropped off the edge of the earth...just off this space of the Internet.

Other things have taken priority over my recipe-posting--that process is quite time-consuming. Although I enjoy the steps involved, sometimes using my camera constantly while trying to cook and finish a meal in good time is low on my list of likes.

There are a few recipes I have invented recently that I will eventually post. Today, I made a meal involving kielbasa, onion, and apples, and it was mighty delicious.

I recommend adding the feed for my blog (ie: subscribe to it) to your blog reader so you'll see when I next update with a post.

Thank you for following! :~)  I appreciate it.


kristin noel said...

Can't wait to taste more of your recipes... :-) David will be pleased as well, since my cooking of late has been a little slapdash.

sarah jo said...

well - everyone needs a blog holiday now and then :D

abigail said...

Yup! After the Christmas (and maybe New Years) holiday, I plan to post some info about recent recipes I've tried. :)